NetSuite solution tailored for the CRO/CDMO industry, encompassing CRM management, milestone-based sales contract management, FTE & FFS project management, revenue recognition, project cost accounting, and financial management.
Solutions for the seven scenarios:
  • Milestone-based Sales Contract Management
  • Project Creation based on Sales Contracts
  • FTE Project Management
  • FFS Project Management
  • Aggregate Key Operational Data from a Project Perspective
  • Project Cost Accounting
  • Global Financial Management

Key Benefits:
  • Rich experience and case studies in the CRO/CDMO industry.
  • Project planning and progress management.
  • Accurate internal revenue recognition.
  • Precise project cost accounting
  • Detailed reporting for your investors, partners, or as you’re getting ready to launch an IPO
  • Fully integrates with your legacy systems and procurement platforms for a single source of truth